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stopping by. Feel free to have a look around, I put this site together to be a small look into some of my past projects over the years. I’ve had a rather interesting collection of experiences, however all of them have fueled my passion to lean into learning and explore my own personal boundaries. In many instances putting myself in uncomfortable positions to force myself to change and adapt to an ever fluctuating work place environment.

Mountain Road Workshop

Designing and documenting the processes I use to create custom furniture and décor for both the home and office. I showcase the tools, techniques and products I use during DIY projects both in and outside the home via content creation for the major social media channels. Occasionally working directly with brands to review or promote their products.

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That Brewed Life

My wife and I started this company because we both have a passion for coffee and wanted to share that passion with others through fun apparel and accessories. Having built Shopify & Square Space stores in the past, I have a clear understanding of the websites functions and how they interconnect with one another, creating a clean, simple drop shipping website to offer our custom deigned apparel and accessories.

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Independent Dealer

I help those who are looking for the highest quality oils and lubricants get exactly what they are searching for, for the best price possible. Allowing them to get the protection they desire for their cars, trucks and equipment while showing them the most cost effective way to do so.

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Come have a look at my portfolio, as described above, you’ll find a wide range of the projects I worked on over the years