My Story

Is much like many others with a few interesting twists and turns.

I spent the early part of my career in the hardware and networking side of computers. I had extensive hands-on experience rolling out complete network infrastructures. From the installation of cabling straight through to the deployment of the users PC’s.

I made a move to college for two years while picking up a job at a local mortgage company handling their computer needs. As time progressed I took on other roles from processing mortgage applications, accounting and compliance. Then the fall of 2008 showed up and after handling the accounting for over 4.5 years I knew the company was unable to keep me on. So with that, I made a move back into data and telecommunications. In under two years this company suffered some major set backs which sent me looking for another job.

I’m not exactly one to rest, so I shifted into a position with a small family arborist business that I have known since childhood. In my mind it was a stop gate until I found another job, however 10 years later I was still there.

Through out the time working with this company it enabled me to start a few different side businesses from a clothing brand that is still in business on Martha’s Vineyard to being an Independent Dealer for a lubrication company. I also started a woodworking and crafting business using a long time passion for making things and working with my hands as an added source of income. This also opened the door to learn the in’s and out’s of social media from the business side. Through this, I have expanded my knowledge of building websites on multiple platforms as well as getting into drop shipping recently with my latest venture inspired by all things coffee.

My Team

James Ryan

Experienced small business professional with excellent knowledge of technology, business operations and growth. A self-motivated, hard worker who learns fast, adapts easily to new situations and works well under pressure.

Jennifer Ryan

This is my amazing wife and best friend. We have been married since ’05, have been together since ’01 & we have been Team Ryan ever since.


This is Sir Frances Drake, at least when he’s in trouble. He has been by our sides since ’15. He is a gentle fun loving dog always ready for adventure.

Next Steps…

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